Modular design family home in Barcelona

Offsite-built modular family home, Barcelona
How do we design and build your modular home in just five months?
✅ We create the design tailored to your needs and wants
✅ We complete all finishes and details on the design
✅ We develop the project modular structure according to your circumstances (location, land area, number of modules…)
✅ We build your home modules offsite in our facilities, to be transported to your location once completed
✅ In parallel, we prepare the site so it’s ready when the house arrives
✅ We finish the construction onsite, assembling the modules and carrying out the final joining and connections

With this method, your new home will be onsite in five months, with a fixed price and no sudden budget variations.

The home you had in mind + A high quality home for life + In just five months