A home that evolves with every stage of your life

We design your house according to your circumstances. A home that will grow and evolve with you. A home that can even be relocated. Don’t move house, take it with you! With every guarantee and comfort.

An energy efficient, sustainable, adaptable, modern home, that you can extend or reduce as you need.

Evolving home from 58.500€ + IVA

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  • Metallic structure.
  • High energy efficiency thermal envelope.
  • Interior thermal insulation with mineral wool and vapor barriers.
  • Complete tiling in wet areas.
  • Sanitary appliances and taps.
  • Choice of aluminum or PVC carpentry finish.
  • Double glass with thermal bridge break.
  • Complete interior electrical installation.
  • LED lighting.
  • Complete plumbing and interior sanitary services installation.
  • Heating and DHW installation.
  • Offsite manufacturing project.
  • Energy certification.

  • Foundation, transport and assembly.
  • Connections, licenses and permits.

(*) To be assessed depending on the location

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